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Power of One Leadership Track

You have the Power to make a difference in the safety and leadership around you.

The ProTect-All “Power of One” philosophy is the belief that an organization can transform its culture one person, one conversation and one initiative at a time. P1 highlights the power to believe in oneself and explores the idea that an action taken by just one person has the capability to increase the safety awareness of others and prevent injuries and incidents. The Power of One™️ teaches that each individual has the power to make a difference. By changing the culture of safety to embrace the human element, the Power of One™️ philosophy promotes a safer work environment without the typical changes made by other safety businesses. ProTect-All President and creator of the Power of One™️, Andrew Wright, has a goal for each person to see “how powerful you really are in positively influencing others.” Through the Power of One™️ Leadership Track, ProTect-All teaches employers and employees alike to build positive and trusting relationships, to creatively solve problems around them, and to shift the culture of the workplace to be more emotionally intelligent, more collaborative, and more open to leadership on all levels.

The Power of One™️ Leadership Track begins with our Leader Training track. After receiving your Leader Training, our Ambassador Training track is available to upgrade your Power of One™️ Certified status.


The Leader Training is meant for all employees. This training gives you a broad overview of the Power of One Philosophy and how it can be utilized by every person in the workplace. In this session, employees learn about the history of the Power of One, what it is and how it can be applied daily to build relationships and reduce risk in the workplace. Those who attend this session will learn through a variety of modalities including video, presentation, and open discussion. Upon completion, Power of One Leaders will have the information and confidence to begin utilizing the Power of One Philosophy in their day-to-day activities.

  • Power of One™️ Leader Session
  • Mind. Body. Safety. Module
  • 1 training day presented by Andrew Wright and Bec Corvin
  • Includes access to the Power of One™️ Handbook, Leader Track merchandise, and Power of One™️ Leader Track
  • Certificate of Completion


The Ambassador Training is the next step in the Power of One Leadership Track. This training is intended for field leads, front-line supervision and other integral members of management, including safety professionals and those in human resources. This training consists of video, open discussion, presentation and a required component that allows participants to demonstrate how to effectively integrate P1 into the workplace. Completing this training gives these employees the tools and resources to take Power of One into the workplace and really drive a shift in culture.

  • Power of One™️ Ambassador Session
  • Review of Leader Session
  • Discussion of Power of One™️ use between last session and Ambassador Training
  • Mind. Body. Safety. Module
  • Integrating Power of One™️ Into the Workplace
  • Managing conflict
  • Employee coaching
  • Other Soft Skills/EQ Development
  • Optional DISC assessment of leadership skills + how to enhance core leadership skills
  • 1 training day presented by Andrew Wright and Bec Corvin
  • Includes access to the Power of One™️ Ambassador Guide, Ambassador Track merchandise, and Power of One™️
  • Ambassador Certificate