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The plastics industry faces criticism from pellet, flake, and powder loss impacting the environment. Mismanagement of plastics during production and transportation leads to negative impact to the environment and aquatic life. Each day there are stories circulating about contamination of our clean water sources and oceans, and plastic contamination is a strong focal point.

ProTect-All Solutions is assisting plastic product manufacturing companies in the development of plastic management practices. Many resources are available to the industry, but perhaps the best resource is the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) Assessment initiative. The OCS is an industry-wide pledge to minimize and ultimately eliminate plastic based contaminants from impacting the environment.

More information about the OCS Assessment can be found at www.opcleansweep.org

ProTect-All personnel have performed OCS based site audits and developed company specific programs for leading manufactures in the plastics industry. The OCS program is best put into effect under the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan which all manufacturing companies must implement. ProTect-All has extensive experience developing site specific SWPPPs which conform to your state’s requirements.

The concept of zero plastic pellet, flake, and powder loss is one that will only become more prevalent as conserving clean water sources becomes more essential. Contact us to determine how we can help your company be on the forefront of plastics management and the OCS Assessment.

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