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Environmental Services


Let ProTect-All Solutions manage all of your environmental compliance programs. We specialize in developing systems to help clients achieve maximum success in a cost-effective manner.


Environmental regulations are constantly evolving. Attacking environmental compliance with a well trained staff is the best way to ensure your company maintains a safe and compliant work atmosphere.


Regulatory agencies are inspecting facilities like yours every day. Be prepared for any type of environmental inspection by retaining ProTect-All Solutions to conduct an environmental audit of your facility before the agency shows up on your doorstep.

Environmental Compliance

We can assist you with all of your requirements including:

  • Air permitting and emission reporting
  • RACT II compliance
  • Storage tank permitting and inspections
  • Waste storage, disposal, management and inspections
  • Hazardous and residual waste reporting
  • Spill plan development – SPCC, PPC, SWPPP, ICP and more
  • Storm water permitting, sampling and reporting
  • Tier 2 chemical inventory reporting
  • Toxic release inventory (Form R) reporting
  • Sanitary sewer discharge permitting and reporting

Much more!

ProTect-All professionals excel in on-site compliance assistance. We have strong relationships with regulatory agencies on local, state and federal levels. We are committed to working with your staff to reduce risks and to achieve your compliance goals.

Have an environmental question? We would be happy to assist you!

Environmental Training


ProTect-All Solutions offers training programs for all your needs, such as:

  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Spill plan coordination
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Waste inspections and reduction strategies
  • Air compliance practices
  • File management systems and techniques
  • Reporting procedures
  • Best management practices

Much more!

ProTect-All Solutions can develop training programs to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves in providing active, engaging, and knowledgeable trainers that will work with your staff to develop a site-specific solution for any situation.

Our goal is to engage your employees actively in the training exercise so that every team member feels like they a part of the solution.

‚ÄčEnvironmental Audits


We offer different levels of auditing services to suit your specific needs.

Systems Review

For facilities that may only require reassurance that proper systems are in place, ProTect-All Solutions is available to audit your environmental record keeping and reporting systems and provide recommendations which will provide peace of mind.

Full Compliance Audit

ProTect-All Solutions can perform a full compliance audit of your facility. The auditing process includes a full site inspection, record review, employee interviews, and regulatory standing evaluations. A full written report that outlines opportunities for improvement can be supplied on a ranked scale from potential enforcement actions to best management practices.

Environmental Site Assessments

Lending institutions may require that you perform a Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessment as part of a property transfer, acquisition, or loan refinance. ProTect-All Solutions has the knowledgeable and qualified staff to perform any type of environmental site assessment that may be required.

Process Review

In many settings, ever-evolving marketplaces drive manufacturing and industry. Before you invest capital into a new venture, retain ProTect-All Solutions to evaluate your environmental regulatory requirements beforehand to make your new venture starts off on the right foot.

ISO 9001/14001 Preparation

More and more companies are getting a ISO 9001/14001 certification as the marketplace dictates higher standards in management systems. ProTect-All Solutions has the experience and skills to assist you in either preparing to obtain your ISO 9001/14001 certification or maintain a strong ISO 9001/14001 certification status

ProTect-All Solutions can tailor auditing programs to fit all of your needs. Contact us today to find out how ProTect-All Solutions can help you achieve success.