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Environmental compliance may not be the most exciting aspect of one’s business, but it’s easily one of the most crucial. Environmental compliance management ensures a business adheres to all rules and regulations governing their area.

However, a statement like this is deceptively simple. For those just setting up a business or even those who have worked in an industry for years, many questions linger about environmental compliance programs or compliance in general. Here are some common questions, as well as why knowing your compliance status is important for the long-term success of your business.

What is Environmental Compliance?

Compliance to environmental standards means following the laws and regulations governing environmental standards. While this may sound straightforward, for many businesses, even knowing all of these rules requires a considerable amount of study and training. For example, it is not enough for a business to be compliant with merely their state regulations; regulations may differ from city to city, and it is important that every level of regulation from local to national is considered.

Businesses often may not even realize which environmental regulations apply to them; for example, many businesses require a stormwater permit, community right-to-know reports, registrations for storage tanks, and more. The total list of required permits and regulations to follow can grow with an expanding business and changing legislation.

Why Should I be Environmentally Compliant?

Environmental compliance is, generally speaking, a legal issue. In order to avoid running into trouble with the law, it is a good idea to follow the rules and regulations dictated by your local, state, and national government. Breaking any of these rules can result in massive fines, often dramatically exceeding the amount one would normally have to pay just to remain in compliance.

How Does Environmental Compliance Help my Business?

A common misconception about environmental compliance is that it only benefits the environment. While maintaining environmental compliance does provide numerous advantages to the local landscape and the world at large, ensuring that your business is compliant with contemporary environmental standards can save you money and time in the long term.

Being environmentally compliant is good for your company and your workforce because of the significant overlap between environmental compliance issues and health and safety issues. If a slight leak forms in a pipe, for example, it could release a hazardous chemical into the air. The release of this toxin would obviously put one’s business out of compliance, but it also puts the workers of that business at risk as they are now consistently being exposed to a substance with the potential to harm them.

Environmental compliance combats this possibility in two ways. The first, an environmental compliance check will ensure a facility’s pipes are leak-, defect-, and irregularity-free, contributing to their long term efficacy. The second way environmental compliance lowers risk is by identifying leaks and repairing them as soon as possible.

How Do I Know if I’m Environmentally Compliant?

An environmental compliance audit is the best way to verify that your business is environmentally compliant. Trained auditors will survey your site to identify current and potential issues, then provide you with information or services to help resolve those issues.

Within that inspection, a number of checks and tests can be performed. Non-destructive testing can be completed to survey the state of current equipment without damaging it. Furthermore, an inspector may opt to employ Robotic Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), which are generally done to see if any additional services are needed. These services range from repairs to sedimentation removal.

By using these tests and devices, an inspector can offer a comprehensive assessment of the state of one’s assets, providing the facility with a detailed list of potential repairs or alterations that must be made so that compliance can be achieved or maintained.


For many business owners, environmental compliance can come as an afterthought. However, if a business is serious about long-term success, environmental compliance management should be high on their list of priorities.

ProTect-All Solutions can help your business reach compliance, or if it is already compliant, ensure that compliance is maintained into the distant future. After an inspection by one of our trained staff, we’ll provide you with an easy-to-understand report detailing any equipment deficiencies and suggest potential changes. Our inspectors are experienced and well-accredited in areas like pressure vessels, piping systems, steel, fiberglass, and polymer tanks, and much more.

Additionally, ProTect-All Solutions can set up Mechanical Integrity Programs to consistently monitor assets and make sure every element is fit for service. These programs involve a range of checks, including visual and API inspections.

If you are interested in a consultation or would like to learn more, EMAIL: Brandon Verba at bverba@protectall-usa.com or contact us at 724-248 SAFE and we can provide you with any information you might need.